RAC System - Combo - 70MM Slim

RAC System - Combo - 70MM Slim

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This is a combination of our great RAC system products, a full tray and Slim picking system to maximise the storage space for your models!

Included in this set is:

- 70MM Standard Full Tray

- 70MM Slim Picking Tray

- 35MM Slim Storage/Token Tray

- 2 x 17.5MM Slim Storage/Token Tray


In the example, one of the 17.5MM trays has been flipped upside down to take into account for taller models in various systems. 

Please be aware this is an DIY assembly kit and does not include a Really Useful Box. 

Models and items shown in the picture are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in any sale of these items.