Gaining Grounds 3 Token Set

Gaining Grounds 3 Token Set

£12.50 - £20.00
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Gaining Grounds 3 Token Set, ideal for getting to grips with the new strats and schemes.

Set includes:

- Covert Ops Ledger (2 of chosen colour, 1 white for writing on) - tint is not recommended as may make ti easier to identify by your oppoenent.

- 4 Covert Op 30MM Markers

- 10 Claim Markers in chosen colour, 10 in random colour

- 6 Guard the Stash Markers

- 4 Carve a Path Markers

- 4inch Carve Push 

- 6inch Carve Push

- 12 Cursed Object tokens picturing Deck icons, dice and voodoo dolls


Ideal for any malifaux player.


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