The Faux Bundle

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This is a prebuilt bundle of boxes and inserts designed with games like malifaux in mind.

The bundle includes:

- 72MM A4 Storage Box

- 18MM dividers insert set

- 3 x 18MM A5 Token Trays

- 1 x 54MM A5 Deck Tray (ideal for decks of cards). 


This item comes with custom engraving included.


Seperate selling price of these items is listed below:

- 72MM A4 Box (£7.50)

- 18MM Dividers insert set (£1.00)

- 18MM A5 Tray (£1.50)  (4.50 total)

- 54MM A5 Tray (£2.50) 

Total: £15.50