Magnetic Measuring Sticks

Magnetic Measuring Sticks

£8.50 - £12.50
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Made to Order

Guarentee your measurements with our awesome measuring sticks. These come in 3" to 10" range but feature a magnet system allowing you to extend the range for those awkward checks without the need of having hundreds of range rulers. 


As part of the design you can change to some custom text of your choice, but we understand if you want to showcase where you got it from


With this measuring set, you can cover the ranges 3" to 10" and then using the following rulers, you can demonstrate different ranges:

- 9" extension = 16 inches

- 8" extension = 15 inches

- 7" extension = 14 inches

- 6" extension  = 13 inches

- 5" extension = 12inches

- 4" extension = 11 inches


Meaning less space is taken up in your tokens and model storage areas, allowing you to take more cool stuff or reduce the amount you are taking.


Custom Text is avaliable on this item, please leave any requests in the notes of your order.

We offer all of our range rulers in block colour or translucent acrylic (supplier dependant) - please be aware the overall look of translucent may be altered due to the magnets.


Each ruler is covered with a vinyl topcoat allowing you to paint or airbrush in the receses before peeling it off to allow for a cool looking finish.