Big Bang Theory Justice League Cosplay

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In the blackest day and darkest night, when all odds are stacked against them by supervillains, interstellar invaders, crazed despots and maniacal anarchists, the world's finest heroes assemble to face the threat. Now, with the DC Universe Miniature Game, the stories of these epic battles between superhumans, gods and monsters are at your fingertips...

In the DC Universe Miniature Game, you must pit teams of superheroes and villains against each other in exciting contests of strategy and might! Collect a team of exquisitely detailed miniatures, paint your models, and do battle in this fast and furious tabletop skirmish game. This is your chance to weave your own stories worthy of the greatest comic-book sagas. Whether you're a seasoned veteran of tabletop miniature games or a new recruit to this rewarding hobby, you'll soon be controlling your own super-team, and battling for control of Metropolis, the Earth at large, or even the entire galaxy!


  • 1x Leonard Hofstadter / Green Lantern
  • 1x Sheldon Cooper / The Flash
  • 1x Penny / Wonder Woman
  • 1x Howard Wolowitz / Batman
  • 1x Rajesh Koothrappali / Aquaman
  • 1x Zack Johnson / Superman

Please Note:

  • One Big Bang Theory Justice League Cosplay set supplied.
  • Miniatures supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.